What happens in a Taekwondo class?

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Every class starts with a warm up and stretch.

Skills learnt over the previous weeks will be practiced and reinforced, with new skills introduced as a student develops. New students are not expected to have any existing martial arts skills or fitness, we aim to build on whatever the student brings to class.


Week by week, following a predetermined syllabus of development, students will work according to a program of:

– hand and kicking techniques

– patterns (poomsae: 품새)

– self-defence (hosinsul: 호신술)

– free sparring (kyeorugi: 겨루기)

The class will generally finish with a cool down and/or breathing excercises.

Students will also occasionally (usually as a prelude to a major grading, or as part of the advanced syllabus) work on board-breaking (gyeokpa 격파) and power techniques.