Class Sparring

An important distinction between standard class sparring and competitive Sports sparring is that the contact level for class sparring is strictly moderated to suit specific goals. Sparring is an excellent avenue for developing confidence and fitness, as well as a student’s ability to react and employ practical martial strategies (when to strike, when to move etc).

In our junior classes, sparring is kept strictly at non-contact level, allowing students to develop their skills and providing an opportunity to build on attitudes of control, self-confidence, focus, assertiveness and respect. Our family classes use non-contact or light contact sparring (strictly no head contact) to develop similar qualities in adults. The challenges of trying effectively employ your training in a sparring situation develops a wide range of skills. Not only do students build on their physical technique, they are also developing their ability to assess situations and make decisions, to be assertive as opposed to aggressive, and to have faith in their own abilities.  For those students who excel at sparring, or wish to tackle greater challenges in their training, there is the Sports specific sparring class.


Sport Taekwondo sparring

The White Tiger Sports class offers specific training for the student who wishes to train or compete in Sports Taekwondo at a high level. The training is high-energy, and is considered the most physically challenging class White Tiger offers. The full contact sparring in this program takes your Taekwondo training to a new level.  Students learn court craft and current WTF sparring rules, as well as practice the specific techniques for defensive (counter-fighting) and offensive (attacking) in sparring. The training program teaches you flexibility, speed, fitness, develops your reflexes and prepares you for tournament fighting. The training program is aimed at State and National level competitions.

The class is only open for students who are 12 years or older and are able to demonstrate good sparring skills in class and at gradings. All graded students 12 years and over are invited to try out for the squad. Students must approach Senior Instructor Kristen before training in this program. All students must have full protective equipment including chest guard and head guard before they start training in the sports class.

The sports classes offered can also be considered as good preparation for the full contact sparring component of Dan gradings. Students that wish to train with the class for this purpose must first approach Senior Instructor Kristen.

Students that may wish to become the club’s future Assistant Instructors and Sports Taekwondo Coaches may also consider using the Sports Elite class to gain further experience in taekwondo tournaments.

Remember, when it comes to Sports Taekwondo, it is like a game. It is about being quicker and smarter than your opponent. A Taekwondo sparring tournament is an energy drain like nothing else!

The challenge for you is to go past your fear and perform with everything you have. To do this you have to dig deep and to find the indomitable spirit in you. Challenge yourself to train harder and faster! This reinforces the point that as the bar is raised the pursuit of excellence becomes habit forming and any challenge can be met.

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