Meditation and breathing exercises

In our club, students practice various qi gong breathing and meditation exercises.  Meditation and correct breathing are considered essential for maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  When it comes to martial arts training, they become vital for building discipline and self-control. Focusing on specific methods of breathing, to the exclusion of all other thoughts at that time, requires strict self-control and focus. As difficult as this can be at times, it is also one of the most rewarding elements of practicing martial arts, with direct benefits outside the dojang for greater focus, mental control, and stress relief.

Students are taught how to utilise effective breathing to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders (usually associated with stress and tension or long computer hours), to develop personal power and energy, and to build valuable skills in self-discipline, focus and control.  Qi gong exercises are also regularly used to rejuvenate the body after, or during, strenuous training sessions. Students eventually gain advanced skills in focus and healthy, effective breathing that are of value across all aspects of life.

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