Begin Cutting: The underlying theories of the sword techniques are mastered through cutting practice. A harmony of speed, power, fast sighting and correct footwork is required. Bamboo, stacks of straw, small moving targets and paper are used as cutting material

Bamboo Cutting is only taught from the grade of 1st Dan up, to students over the age of 18 years old. Bamboo cutting also requires a balance of speed, power and accuarcy. However, correct technique and precise cutting angle are the most fundamental elements for successful cutting. Good cutting technique should result in the bamboo falling close to the pole, as opposed to flying away.

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Paper cutting is taught to all students, with coloured belt students using slender wooden swords. The aim is to execute a perfectly horizontal cut with exact accuracy. Paper is a fantastic learning tool, as to cut paper requires speed and pefect technique over power.

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