Korea 2010

01: The Aussie team gathers prior to our first training as a team in Yong Pyong Korea

02. Award presentation for bamboo cutting prelim finalists, world division

03. Korean group sword dance preliminary round entry

04. NSW members of the Australian team at Naksan Temple

05. Australian team at Naksun temple

06: Aussie team supporters at Naksun temple

07. NSW members at Naksun shrine

08. Team members at the top shrine of Naksun temple

09. David and Jarrod from Swordsmen in QLD

10. White Tiger KMA faces off Nepean Wolves Haidong Gumdo

11. Instructors Kristen and Dave at Naksun Temple

12. The beautiful mountain setting within which we were based

13. Perfect for training (and sweating!)

14. Rodney, Luke and Kristen with some of the exceptional sword dance finalists

15. Travis with one of his many fans...

16. We call them 'The Travettes'


Photo kindly provided by the World Haidong Gumdo Federation website

18. The awesome opening ceremony group demonstration team

19. The NSW team after competing in the World Titles