Classes are currently on hold for Terms 3 and 4 of 2012, and will be resuming as of Term 1 2013






(St Scholastica’s College) 

Junior Taekwondo (ages 4-13)

Haidong Gumdo (ages 11 +)

Taekwondo (all ages)

Poomsae specific training / advanced class

7 Avenue Rd, Glebe (In the drama hall above the admin office)
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(Hunter Baillie Presbyterian Church)

Junior Taekwondo (ages 4-13)

Family Taekwondo

Haidong Gumdo


Corner of Collins and Johnston Streets, Annandale
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(resuming 2012)

(CMAS Gym: Level 1 – 407 Princes Hwy)

Sports / advanced taekwondo

Family Taekwondo

407 Princes Hwy, Sydenham (Free parking available in CMAS carpark off Railway Lane and Reilly Lane)

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Please Note: Until April 2012 our Ninjas and Commando classes have been combined into the one Junior Taekwondo class.

Classes coming in 2012: Sat combined Ninjas and Commandos Taekwondo; Friday Taekwondo classes (July 2012)


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This class is for students who are between the ages of 5 years and 8 years old. The class aim is for the kids to learn while having fun. The Ninja Wolf Pack program is centred on building the child’s focussing skills which will help improve the student’s concentration at school. This class teaches self-defence appropriate for this age group, such as stranger danger and bullies in the playground. It will also help build their tolerance to everyday challenges and improve self esteem.


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This class is for students who are between the ages of 9 years and 12 years old. This class is structured around the primary school age child’s attention needs. The focus of this class is structured around challenging the child physically and encouraging a positive psychological attitude. This class teaches self-defence that is relevant for this age group, such as stranger danger, peer pressure and school bullies. Students also begin to learn the basic skills of positive conflict management, and to explore the adult self-defence syllabus.


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This class is for teenagers, adults and all ages, and is designed to teach the fundamentals of Taekwondo.  Classes will consist of: warm up and stretching, traditional taekwondo form work and techniques, self-defence and sport Taekwondo sparring.  Improvement of fitness and self-defence skills are among the most noticeable advantages of participating in this class.  This class is fun and exciting, and offers challenges both physical and mental in a supportive family environment.


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This class is for students 12 years and over, and best suits teenagers and adults.  Haidong Gumdo is an elegant and powerful traditional Korean sword art (“Gum” meaning ‘sword’, “do” meaning ’the way’). This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of Haidong Gumdo swordsmanship.  It is more physically demanding than it first appears, and is an art designed to build great physical, mental and emotional strength.  Classes generally consist of warm up and stretching, form work and techniques, Danjun breathing exercises and Qi Gong development, and Haidong Gumdo sword sparring. Black belt students eventually develop the skills to participate in bamboo cutting seminars.  Improvement of fitness, focus and personal development will be the main


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This class is for teenagers and adults Only. This class is for blue belts and above grades. The Advance Family classes offer a variety of martial arts techniques. The class consists of: advanced traditional Taekwondo techniques; streetwise self-defence techniques; challenging sport programs; vital point knowledge; board breaking development; strength and speed development. This class addresses the more serious teenager and adult self-defence situations


This class offers specific training for the student who wishes to train or compete in Sports Taekwondo at a high level. The training is high-energy, and is considered the most physically challenging class Wolves Taekwondo offers. The class is only open for students who qualify at gradings. All graded students 12 years and over are invited to try out for the squad. All students must have full protective equipment. The full contact sparring in this program takes your Taekwondo training to a new level, learning court craft and current WTF sparring rules. Players learn and practice the specific techniques for defensive (counter-fighting) and offensive (attacking) in sparring. The training program teaches you flexibility, speed, fitness, develops your reflexes and prepares you for tournament fighting. The training program is aimed at State and National level competitions.