How to Join

Contact Us: Students need only contact Senior Instructor Kristen, or turn up in class, to receive their Beginner’s Information Package.

Two weeks Free trial: New students are offered a FREE two week trial period. Different martial arts suit different people. We want to know if you have enjoyed yourself, and want to continue training Taekwondo or Haidong Gumdo.

Registration and Insurance: After their free trial classes, all new students must be fully insured and registered with the relevant association. All insurance fees and insurance information will be provided by your Instructor

Start Training! All students are encouraged to commit to training regularly, and to grade to the next level when they are ready. Students are encouraged to grade, as this has a direct influence on the student’s confidence and skill progression, and gives the student serious goals to work towards

Safety: White Tiger Korean Martial Arts takes safety very seriously. Alongside learning skills of self-control and discipline, all students are strongly encouraged to obtain a uniform and relevant protective equipment (such as mouth guards, arm and leg guards, and groin guards) within a reasonable time of joining the club. The protective equipment is a safety precaution we highly recommend.

Please feel free to explore our Downloads page or contact Senior Instructor Kristen Mann for further information.