About Us

White Tiger Korean Martial Arts was established in 2009 to deliver the unique Korean Sword Art of Haidong Gumdo, alongside the exciting martial art of Taekwondo, to the inner city region of Sydney. We teach out of three separate locations within Sydney’s Inner West (Glebe, Annandale, Sydenham) with more classes and locations to be developed as the club grows.

We are a family friendly club, dedicated to the highest quality of Martial Arts training. We encourage respect and courtesy in all our students and instructors.


In Haidong Gumdo, this club falls under the guidance of Australia’s Master Jung Il Oh (president of the Australian Haidong Gumdo Association), and also under Master Andrew Johnston (president of Haidong Gumdo NSW).

We also honour the traditional values and instruction of taekwondo, and are committed to upholding the teaching heritage of the club. We are proud to have Master Andrew Johnston as our Taekwondo Head Instructor, and to continue the tradition of teaching initially begun under his Master Instructor, Master Jeon Tae Kim.


White Tiger Korean Martial Arts is a fully insured and registered martial arts school. All our programs are developed carefully so they are interesting, easy to learn and safe. All our programs are continually evaluated and fully documented, so as to guarantee consistency in our class standard and ensure that the highest level of training and individual development is reached.


Most importantly, we are a student-oriented club. Our fundamental aim is to help each individual student achieve their personal goals, and to feel confident in who they are and what they have achieved. This may entail a student becoming fitter and healthier from practicing martial arts, or it may be a child learning to defend themselves and becoming more confident. We encourage each student to set personal goals and constantly seek to progress in their training. This ensures each student develops self-confidence, and becomes motivated to constantly seek greater challenges in life.

Our students gain confidence and achieve positive goals within a supportive and fun-filled environment that enhances self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect.